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Culture Unbound, Volume 5, 2013

DOI: 10.3384/cu.2000.1525.135

Thematic Sections of 2013

Reports and Reflections from the Field: Current Issues in European Cultural Studies
Feminist Cultural Studies
Communicating Culture in Practice
Pursuing the Trivial

Table of Contents

Johan Fornäs, Martin Fredriksson & Naomi Stead
Culture Unbound Vol. 5, Editorial


Thematic Section: Reports and Reflections from the Field: Current Issues in European Cultural Studies

Edited by Ferda Keskin

Ferda Keskin
European Cultural Studies: Pathways in an Unbound Geography

Mica Nava
Cultural Studies, History and Cosmopolitanism in UK

Udo Göttlich
Cultural Studies and Sociology of Culture in Germany: Relations and Interrelations

Gönül Pultar
Cultural Studies in Turkey: The State of the Art

Sofia Sampaio
Portuguese Cultural Studies/ Cultural Studies in Portugal: Some Thoughts on the Making and Remaking of a Field

Anne Scott Sørensen
“Something is at Stake”: Northern European Cultural Studies Where, How, and Why?

Aljoša Pužar
The Boratization Revisited: Thinking the “South” in European Cultural Studies

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Thematic Section: Feminist Cultural Studies

Edited by Fanny Ambjörnsson & Hillevi Ganetz

Fanny Ambjörnsson & Hillevi Ganetz
Introduction: Feminist Cultural Studies

Anna Lundberg
“Will We be Tested on This?”: Schoolgirls, Neoliberalism and the Comic Grotesque in Swedish Contemporary Youth Theatre

Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen
Disturbing Femininity

Tiina Rosenberg
The Soundtrack of Revolution Memory, Affect, and the Power of Protest Songs

Kalle Berggren
Degrees of Intersectionality: Male Rap Artists in Sweden Negotiating Class, Race and Gender

Claudia Lindén
Virtue as Adventure and Excess: Intertextuality, Masculinity, and Desire in the Twilight Series

Kristina Fjelkestam
Gendering Cultural Memory: Balzac´s Adieu

Helena Wahlström
Reproduction, Politics, and John Irving’s The Cider House Rules: Women’s Rights or “Fetal Rights”?

Helena Tolvhed
Sex Dilemmas, Amazons and Cyborgs: Feminist Cultural Studies and Sport

Magdalena Petersson McIntyre
Perfume Packaging, Seduction and Gender

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Thematic Section: Communicating Culture in Practice

Edited by Samantha Hyler

Samantha Hyler
Introduction: Communication Culture in Practice

Elias Mellander & Anna-Mari Fagerström
Balancing Acts: Culture as Commodity Among Business Consultants

Leila Valoura
Time-Space Flexibility and Work: Analyzing the “Anywhere and Anytime Office” in the Entertainment, New Media, and Arts Sector

Samantha Hyler
Invisible Lines Crossing the City: Ethnographic Strategies for Place-making

Joakim Forsemalm
From Creep to Co-op: Research(er) Paying the Cost of Displacement

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Other Articles

Staffan Albinsson
The Resilience of Music Copyrights: Technological Innovation, Copyright Disputes and Legal Amendments Concerning the Distribution of Music

Akira Deguchi
Double or Extra? The Identity of Transnational Adoptees in Sweden

Samuel Thomas
Yours in revolution: Retrofitting Carlos the Jackal

Thematic Section: Pursuing the Trivial

Edited by Roman Horak, Barabara Maly, Eva Schörgenhuber & Monika Seidl

Barbara Maly, Roman Horak, Eva Schörgenhuber & Monika Seidl
Introduction: Pursuing the Trivial

Steven Gerrard
The Great British Music Hall: Its importance to British culture and ‘The Trivial’

Roman Horak
‘We Have Become Niggers!’: Josephine Baker as a Threat to Viennese Culture

Yi Chen
’Walking With’: A Rhythmanalysis of London’s East End

Georg Drennig
Taking a Hike and Hucking the Stout: The Troublesome Legacy of the Sublime in Outdoor Recreation

Anna König
A Stitch in Time: Changing Cultural Constructions of Craft and Mending

Daniel Kilvington
British Asians, Covert Racism and Exclusion in English Professional Football

Sabine Harrer
From Losing to Loss: Exploring the Expressive Capacities of Videogames Beyond Death as Failure

Georg Spitaler
Narrated Political Theory: Theorizing Pop Culture in Dietmar Dath’s Novel Für immer in Honig

Katharina Andres
’Fashion’s Final Frontier’: The Correlation of Gender Roles and Fashion in Star Trek

Timo Kaerlein
Playing with Personal Media: On an Epistemology of Ignorance

Kati Voigt
Becoming Trivial: The Book Trailer

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