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Culture Unbound, Volume 4, 2012

DOI: 10.3384/cu.2000.1525.124

Thematic Sections of 2012

Shanghai Modern: The Future in Microcosm?
Culturalisation at an Australian-Swedish Crossroads
Self-care Translated into Practice
Objectification, Measurement and Standardization

Table of Contents

Johan Fornäs, Martin Fredriksson & Jenny Johannisson
Culture Unbound vol. 4, Editorial

Thematic Section: Shanghai Modern: The Future in Microcosm?

Edited by Justin O'Connor and Xin Gu

Justin O'Connor & Xin Gu
Introducing Shanghai Modern: The Future in Microcosm?

Justin O'Connor
Shanghai Modern: Replaying Futures Past

Owen Hatherley
The Hyperstationary State: Five Walks in Search of the Future in Shanghai

Anna Greenspan
The Power of Spectacle

Hongwei Bao
Queering/ Querying Cosmopolitanism: Queer Spaces in Shanghai

Lü Pan
The Invisible Turn to the Future: Commemorative Culture in Contemporary Shanghai

Ma Ran
Celebrating the International, Disremembering Shanghai: The Curious Case of the Shanghai International Film Festival

Sheng Zhong
Production, Creative Firms and Urban Space in Shanghai

Xin Gu
The Art of Re-Industrialisation in Shanghai

Haili Ma
Yueju – the Formation of a Legitimate Culture in Contemporary Shanghai

Ian Ho-yin Fong
(Re-)Reading Shanghai's Futures in Ruins: Through the Legend of an (Extra-)Ordinary Woman in The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A Novel of Shanghai

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Thematic Section: Culturalisation at an Australian-Swedish Crossroads

Edited by Johan Fornäs and Martin Fredriksson

Johan Fornäs & Martin Fredriksson
Culturalisation at an Australian–Swedish Crossroads

Erling Bjurström
Whose Canon? Culturalization versus Democratization

Bodil Axelsson
History in Popular Magazines: Negotiating Masculinities, the Low of the Popular and the High of History

Hilary Hongjin He
“Chinesenesses” Outside Mainland China: Macao and Taiwan through Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema

Hart Cohen
Database Documentary: From Authorship to Authoring in Remediated/Remixed Documentary

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Other Articles

Elena Oliete-Aldea
Fear and Nostalgia in Times of Crisis: The Paradoxes of Globalization in Oliver Stone’s Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Christopher Gad
What we Talk about when we Talk about Sailor Culture: Understanding Danish Fisheries Inspection through a Cult Movie

Carsten Stage & Sophie Esmann Andersen
Ambiguous Imitations: DIY Hijacking the ‘Danish Mother Seeking’ Stealth Marketing Campaign on YouTube

Thematic Section: Self-care Translated into Practice

Edited by Åsa Alftberg and Kristofer Hansson

Åsa Alftberg & Kristofer Hansson
Introduction: Self-care Translated into Practice

Annegrete Juul Nielsen & Lone Grøn
Standardising the Lay: Logics of Change in Programs of Disease Self-management

Susanne Ådahl
‘I Was a Model Student’: Illness Knowledge Seeking and Self-care Among Finnish Kidney Recipients

Andréa Wiszmeg, Susanne Lundin, Eva Torkelson, Niclas Hagen & Cecilia Lundberg
Difficult Questions and Ambivalent Answers on Genetic Testing

Åsa Alftberg & Susanne Lundin
‘Sucessful Ageing’ in Practice: Reflections on Health, Activity and Normality in Old Age in Sweden

Kristofer Hansson
Crisis and Caring for Inner Selves: Psychiatric Crisis as a Social Classification in Sweden in the 1970s

Peter Danholt & Henriette Langstrup
Medication as Infrastructure: Decentring Self-care


Anna Pichelstorfer
Mol, Annemarie (2008): The Logic of Care: Health and the Problem of Patient Choice, London: Routledge
Mol, Annemarie, Ingunn Moser & Jeannette Pols (eds) (2010): Care in Practice: On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms, Bielefeld: transcript Verlag

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Other Articles

Niclas Hagen, Susanne Lundin, Tom O'Dell & Åsa Petersén
For Better or for Worse: Lifeworld, System and Family Caregiving for a Chronic Genetic Disease

Maja Klausen
Making Place in the Media City

Thematic Section: Objectification, Measurement and Standardization

Edited by Tord Larsen

Tord Larsen
Introduction: “Objectification, Measurement and Standardization

Theodore M. Porter
Funny Numbers

Alexandra Hui
Sound Objects and Sound Products: Standardizing a New Culture of Listening in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Jens Røyrvik & Petter G. Almklov
Towards the Gigantic: Entification and Standardization as Technologies of Control

Emil André Røyrvik & Marianne Blom Brodersen
Real Virtuality: Power and Simulation in the Age of Neoliberal Crisis

Nigel Rapport
Towards Moral and Authentic Generalization: Humanity, Individual Human Beings and Distortion

Maria Røhnebæk
Standardized Flexibility: The Choreography of ICT in Standardization of Service Work

Marte Fanneløb Giskeødegård
The Right Kind of Feedback: Working through Standardized Tools

Haakon Aasprong
Recreating the Banana Grower: The Role of Private Certification Systems in the Windward Islands Banana Industry

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Other Articles

Christoffer Kølvraa
The Father on Display: The House of Jean Monnet and the Construction of European Identity

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