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Culture Unbound, Volume 2, 2010

DOI: 10.3384/cu.2000.1525.102

Thematic Sections of 2010

Rural Media Spaces
Culture, Work and Emotion
Literary Public Spheres
Uses of the Past - Nordic Historic Cultures in a Comparative Perspective

Table of Contents

Johan Fornäs, Martin Fredriksson & Jenny Johannisson
Culture Unbound vol. 2, Editorial

Thematic Section: Surveillance

Toby Miller
Surveillance: The “Digital Trail of Breadcrumbs”

Mark Andrejevic
Reading the Surface: Body Language and Surveillance

Jessica J. Behm
Silhouettes of War: Technologies of U.S. Soldiering and Surveillance

Kelly Gates
The Tampa “Smart CCTV” Experiment

Henry Krips
The Politics of the Gaze Foucault, Lacan and Žižek

Tabassum “Ruhi” Khan
Tendencies of Inner Surveillance in Democratic India Challenges of Establishing Native Ethnographer’s Identity Among Indian Muslims

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Thematic Section: Rural Media Spaces

Magnus Andersson & André Jansson
Rural Media Spaces: Communication Geography on New Terrain

Lelia Green
Imagining Rural Audiences in Remote Western Australia

Maria Bakardjieva & Amanda Williams
Super Network on the Prairie: The Discursive Framing of Broadband Connectivity by Policy Planners and Rural Residents in Alberta, Canada

André Jansson
Mediatization, Spatial Coherence and Social Sustainability: The Role of Digital Media Networks in a Swedish Countryside Community

Magnus Andersson
Provincial Globalization: The Local Struggle of PlaceMaking

Michael Woods
Reporting an Unsettled Countryside: The News Media and Rural Protests in Britain

Keith Halfacree
Reading Rural Consumption Practices for Difference: Boltholes, Castles and Liferafts

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Other Articles

Martina Ladendorf
Commercialization of Lesbian Identities in Showtime’s The L-word

Defne Karaosmanoglu
Nostalgia Spaces of Consumption and Heterotopia: Ramadan Festivities in Istanbul

Thematic Section: Culture, Work and Emotion

Can-Seng Ooi & Richard Ek
Culture, Work and Emotion

Hing Ai Yun
Service Workers: Governmentality and Emotion Management

Szilvia Gyimóthy & Louise Rygaard Jonas
Branding on the Shop Floor

Can-Seng Ooi
Cacophony of Voices and Emotions Dialogic of Buying and Selling Art

Johan Hultman & Erika Andersson Cederholm
Bed, Breakfast and Friendship: Intimacy and Distance in Small-Scale Hospitality Businesses

Erika Andersson Cederholm
Effective Emotions The Enactment of a Work Ethic in the Swedish Meeting Industry

Ana María Munar
Digital Exhibitionism The Age of Exposure

Richard Ek
Epilogue Towards an Experience Ecology of Relational Emotions

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Thematic Section: Literary Public Spheres

Torbjörn Forslid & Anders Ohlsson
Introduction Literary Public Spheres

Patrik Lundell
Participation, Representation and Media System Habermasian Paths to the Past

Emma Eldelin
An Amateur’s Raid in a World of Specialists? The Swedish Essay in Contemporary Public Debate

Ann Steiner
Personal Readings and Public Texts Book Blogs and Online Writing about Literature

Karin Sarsenov
The Literature Curriculum in Russia Cultural Nationalism vs. The Cultural Turn

Jon Helgason
Why ABC Matters Lexicography and Literary History

Torbjörn Forslid & Anders Ohlsson
The Author on Stage Björn Ranelid as Performance Artist

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Thematic Section: Uses of the Past – Nordic Historical Cultures in a Comparative Perspective

Peter Aronsson
Introduction: Uses of the past – Nordic Historical Cultures in a Comparative Perspective

Stuart Burch
Norden, Reframed

Magdalena Hillström
Contested Boundaries: Nation, People and Cultural History Museums in Sweden and Norway 1862–1909

Carl Marklund & Peter Stadius
Acceptance and Conformity: Merging Modernity with Nationalism in the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930

Per Strömberg
Swedish Military Bases of the Cold War: The Making of a New Cultural Heritage

Eglė Rindzevičiūtė
Soviet Lithuanians, Amber and the ‘New Balts’: Historical Narratives of National and Regional Identities in Lithuanian Museums, 1940–2009

Lizette Gradén
Dressed in a Present from the Past The Transfers and Transformations of a Swedish Bridal Crown in the United States

Anders Houltz
Captives of Narrative: Scandinavian Museum Exhibits and Polar Ambitions

Marzia Varutti
Using Different Pasts in a Similar Way: Museum Representations of National History in Norway and China

Tanja Schult
Whose Raoul Wallenberg is it? The Man and the Myth: Between Memory, History and Popularity

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Other Articles

Helene Brembeck & Barbro Johansson
Foodscapes and Children’s Bodies

Katherine Giuffre
Half the Right People Network Density and Creativity

Carmen L. McClish
Orange Houses and Tape Babies Temporary and Nebulous Art in Urban Spaces

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